The People behind Holz Planet

holz planet story

Hello lovely customers! Welcome to our world!

The people behind Holz Planet are made up of a small core group of individuals who have started in 2016 to create online stores. Our mission is to connect the products that are hardly to come by in shopping malls to customers around the globe.

Holz Planet group is working to provide hassle-free and legitimate secured shopping for our online customers. We have installed top-notch security measures on our site to ensure that our customers will not have problems accessing the store.

We aim to promote wood products and all other products with organic materials. We wanted wood products to become a mainstream fashion material. We want it to be recognized and be used by may people.

We cater to everyone especially those people who wants to get quality and unique, not usually found anywhere products.

Holz Planet promises:

  • To provide quality customer support for every products that you ordered from us
  • Ensure that you will get refunds for every product that you didn’t receive within the alloted timeline
  • To give you a hassle-free shopping
  • To update you and provide you of the newest and innovative wood and organic products.

We get the products from the manufacturer themselves which is why we can guarantee that the product price we have is the best you can get in the market.

Holz Planet gets its product from suppliers from the south-east asia area. From the manufacturers and single makers of the products. To connect consumers and suppliers without much additional price.

We look forward to your orders on our site.

Happy Shopping!