Why did we choose wooden products?

We love wooden products

Our love for wooden products made us decide to promote it. We want people to recognize wood materials as a fashion trend. It is different from the normal products. Here at Holz planet we want people to love wood products as well!

Quality and Durability

Our wood products are made of high-quality wood materials and can last long. We make sure that what we sell pass our customer's satisfaction. We think about the long term use of the product instead of selling cheap, easily broken products.

It is trendy

Our wood products are listed with fashion and trends in mind. These lovely products are unique, fashionable and can definitely compliment your overall look.

Show off your nature themed fashion!

Get one of these wooden fashion accessories and look fab everywhere you go!

Unleash your creativity!

Mix and match your style with these simplistic yet fabulous wood designs.

Be extraordinary!

Get classy!

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So how does it work?

Browse through our collection

Look for the wood products that interests you! We have numerous collections of different wooden products to satisfy what you're looking for. If you didn't find what you need, send us a message and we'll look at it for you.

Add to Cart, Checkout and Pay

After finding the products you want to purchase add it to cart to continue shopping or proceed directly to checkout. Pay via Paypal or our own integrated payment gateway.

And we'll delivery free of charge!

We will delivery all the products you purchased on the shipping address you provided. Give us time to process your order and we'll send it directly to you free of charge! Isn't that great?

Welcome To Holz Planet!

holz planetWe welcome you to our humble wood shop! This particular store is made up of a small team of individuals ready to serve and provide you with a unique shopping experience.

We dedicate our time into providing and selling quality wood products that are hard to find in malls and common markets. Products are sourced from south - east Asia and shipped to your destination of choice.

We have ensure that your shopping experience will be easy and hassle free with our money back guarantee, you can check the full disclaimer on this link. We will also provide you a complete update regarding your order and shipping. You can find the full details here as well.

Wood design is still a booming market. Wearing and using our wood products can create a sense of uniqueness in terms of style and fashion. These lovely wood products are of top-notch quality to ensure long term use.

Our tightly secured way of payments can ensure that all your payment details are sealed and will not be used for any fraud and illegal activities.

We hope that you can find what you're looking for on our specialty shop. If you're looking for something else, please send our customer support an email and we would gladly help you with what you need.

Happy Shopping!

Holz Planet Plank Team 🙂